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Step ‘n Wash & Target: Partnering to Enhance Customer Convenience

The Journey Initial Engagement: Amidst the unique challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Target decided to conduct a pilot program, installing Step 'n Wash in five of their stores in the summer of 2021. Pilot Success: Feedback from Target’s customers in the five pilot stores was overwhelmingly positive. This success paved the way for further expansion. Nationwide Implementation: By November 2021, buoyed by the pilot program's success, Target embarked on a nationwide rollout, installing Step 'n Wash in all their nearly 2,000 domestic stores. The Logistics Leveraging their in-house maintenance team, Target efficiently executed the rollout across their domestic stores over...

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GATE Petroleum & Step 'n Wash: making quick stops that much more convenient

Core Values One of GATE’s core values is to strive to be best in class. GATE is laser focused on providing their customers with clean and safe stores, and they installed Step ‘n Wash to make their facilities more accessible to families. The Roll Out Approach: GATE first tested Step ‘n Wash in 3 of their Florida locations, but the feedback was so positive that they quickly rolled out Step ‘n Wash to all their stores across the Southeast. Now, Step ‘n Wash is specified in their restrooms and is installed in all new stores. Installing Step ‘n Wash: The...

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Step ‘n Wash & Home Depot: Helping young doers and their parents in the store

Project Overview Home Depot has consistently demonstrated its dedication to creating a family-friendly shopping environment. From their popular Kid’s Workshop program that gets little ones excited about DIY, to installing Step 'n Wash in their restrooms. Home Depot has a clear focus on what makes shopping easier and more fun for everyone, big and small. The Logistics Approach: The roll out began with stores that had the highest levels of Kid’s Workshop participation, followed by a nationwide roll out in line with new store openings and existing store restroom remodeling activities. Installation: Home Depot found Step ‘n Wash to be...

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