Where is Step 'n Wash manufactured? 
What’s the difference between the stainless steel model and the powder coated model? 
How much does each step weigh?
What are the dimensions of the box that Step 'n Wash ships in? 
How many Step 'n Wash steps fit on a standard pallet?


How is Step 'n Wash installed?
Do you offer installation services?
Where can Step 'n Wash be installed?
Does each step include the installation hardware?

Safety & Compliance

Is Step 'n Wash ADA mandated and/or ADA compliant?
Will Step 'n Wash be in the way for visitors who don't need it? 
What are the safety features of Step 'n Wash?
How much weight can Step 'n Wash support?

Care & Maintenance

What are the maintenance requirements? 
My step is no longer retracting on its own. How can I fix this?
What can I use to clean Step 'n Wash?
Do you sell replacement parts?