Frequently Asked Questions

What is Step 'n Wash?

Step ‘n Wash is the first and only self-retracting step that enables children and people of short stature to safely reach the sink and soap dispensers in public restrooms.

Why was Step 'n Wash developed?

Hand washing is the most effective way to fight off germs and viruses. However, public restroom sinks and soap dispensers are not always accessible to all customers. When these individuals attempt to wash their hands, it can result in poor handwashing and splashed water on the customer, counter and floors. Step ‘n Wash allows children and adults to safely wash their hands.

Where is Step 'n Wash manufactured?

Step 'n Wash is manufactured locally in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

How many times will Step 'n Wash be used by our customers?

During our first few years, we installed mechanical cycle counters to measure how many times Step ‘n Wash was being used. Depending on the type of business, Step ‘n Wash was used between 5,000 and 25,000 times per year!

Who are some of your customers?

Step ‘n Wash can be found in thousands of businesses including airports, restaurants, shopping malls, zoos, aquariums, museums, amusement parks, churches and schools.

See a list of specific customers on our "Where We Are" page.

Will individuals bump their knees, shins or feet when they wash their hands at a sink where Step ‘n Wash has been installed?

Because of its unique curved leg design, no part of their body will ever come in contact with Step ‘n Wash. As a further safety measure, when a person steps off of Step ‘n Wash, the hydraulic damper automatically retracts the step to an upright position underneath the sink.

How will customers know what Step ‘n Wash is?

Step 'n Wash units are installed in over 20,000 facilities, so many customers immediately recognize our product.

Included with every Step ‘n Wash is a decal for the restroom mirror to advise your customers that a Step ‘n Wash has been installed in the restroom.

What about the ADA Standards for Accessible Design?

In order to be compliant with both ADA Access Guidelines (ADAAG) and Title 24 of the California Building Code, Step ‘n Wash can only be installed in a restroom that has two or more lavatories. When one Step ‘n Wash is installed in a restroom that has two or more lavatories, your facility will remain in full compliance with all of the ADA guidelines that relate to sink access, approach and turning radius.

Are there any pinch-points?

No! There are no pinch-points on Step ‘n Wash.

How much weight can Step 'n Wash support?

Step ‘n Wash has been rigorously tested by Intertek ETL SEMKO, an OSHA approved national testing facility. Step ‘n Wash can support a static load of at least 800 pounds.

What is Step ‘n Wash made of?

Step ‘n Wash (stainless) is constructed from type 304 stainless steel. Step ‘n Wash (powder coated) is constructed from 14 gauge steel. Both models feature a marine grade non-slip rubber tread, ANSI compliant warning label and easy to read English, Spanish and French instruction label.

What is the warranty?

Step ‘n Wash, under normal use and service, is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a five-year period. The gas spring is guaranteed to fully retract the step for a three-year period. The warranty does not cover vandalism, product labels or the rubber step tread.

How is Step 'n Wash installed?

Step ‘n Wash is secured to the floor utilizing four stainless steel anchors. Each anchor has a tension rating of over 3900 pounds and a shear rating of over 3000 pounds. All installation hardware is included with each unit.

How long does it take to install Step 'n Wash?

Based on feedback from our customers, it takes approximately 20 minutes to install Step ‘n Wash.

Should I install Step ‘n Wash in both the men’s and women’s restrooms?

Yes! With so many parents today sharing responsibility for parenting, the majority of our customers have decided to install Step ‘n Wash in both the men’s and women’s restrooms.

Show your customers you care.

Step 'n Wash makes your facilities more accessible to parents with children and customers of short stature.