Step ‘n Wash & Target: Partnering to Enhance Customer Convenience

The Journey

Initial Engagement: Amidst the unique challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Target decided to conduct a pilot program, installing Step 'n Wash in five of their stores in the summer of 2021.

Pilot Success: Feedback from Target’s customers in the five pilot stores was overwhelmingly positive. This success paved the way for further expansion.

Nationwide Implementation: By November 2021, buoyed by the pilot program's success, Target embarked on a nationwide rollout, installing Step 'n Wash in all their nearly 2,000 domestic stores.

The Logistics

Leveraging their in-house maintenance team, Target efficiently executed the rollout across their domestic stores over the course of about six months. They found Step ‘n Wash to be incredibly easy to install, taking their maintenance staff about 20 minutes per Step ‘n Wash installation.

The Outcomes

Customer Response: The installation of Step 'n Wash across Target stores was met with great appreciation from customers, particularly those shopping with young children and individuals with height-related disabilities. Step ‘n Wash regularly hears from Target customers who reach out to say “thanks!”.

Enhanced Accessibility: The project has notably improved restroom accessibility, aligning with Target's commitment to inclusivity and enhanced customer experiences.

 Living in South Florida with my kiddos means we're always on the go, and public restrooms are usually a nightmare. But we were at Target the other day, and they had your product in the bathroom. Total lifesaver. My little guy could actually wash his hands by himself, no gymnastics required from me to hoist him up to the sink. Seriously loved it.

- Marissa M., Boynton Beach, FL



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