Step ‘n Wash & Home Depot: Helping young doers and their parents in the store

Project Overview

Home Depot has consistently demonstrated its dedication to creating a family-friendly shopping environment. From their popular Kid’s Workshop program that gets little ones excited about DIY, to installing Step 'n Wash in their restrooms. Home Depot has a clear focus on what makes shopping easier and more fun for everyone, big and small.

The Logistics

Approach: The roll out began with stores that had the highest levels of Kid’s Workshop participation, followed by a nationwide roll out in line with new store openings and existing store restroom remodeling activities.

Installation: Home Depot found Step ‘n Wash to be incredibly easy to install, so their in-house maintenance team handled the installation for the initial roll out.

The Outcomes

Customer Response: Since introducing Step 'n Wash in their restrooms, Home Depot has received an outpouring of positive feedback from customers. Parents especially appreciate this thoughtful addition, noting how it makes shopping trips with their kids much more manageable and enjoyable.

Commitment to Accessibility: The installation of Step 'n Wash at Home Depot is more than just a facility upgrade; it's a reflection of the company's dedication to inclusive, family-friendly experiences. 

 I was at Home Depot last weekend for the Kid’s Workshop with my son, and I noticed the Step 'n Wash in the restroom. It made it so much easier for my son to reach the sink and wash up on his own. As a dad, it's these small things that make our outings easier. Kudos to Home Depot for thinking of our kids' needs and making our family trips to the store that much better!

Trey S., Marietta, GA



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