Three Travel Hacks You Don’t Have to Pack

Vacations are about escaping the routine of your everyday life to explore, visit loved ones, or simply to check off an item on your bucket list. But, what some people may not realize is that traveling with small children is a journey in and of itself. Whether the destination is an hour away or it requires a full afternoon in the sky, you’re bound to experience quite an adventure before you ever make it to your destination.

If you’re looking to make your family’s travels smoother, there are tricks and hacks you can compile from every travel blogger and trip guru. From packing to snacking, you are sure to find a handful of recommended items to purchase and have on hand in those tricky travel moments.

What you may not consider are the things you can look out for when you’re traveling that bring some of the conveniences of home to you.

Not every travel trick should be up to you. Let us help you as you prepare your people for the next adventure!

Top three travel hacks you don’t have to pack: 

  1. Airline Perks. As you’re looking into flights, be sure to check out what’s available for families when it comes to boarding and in-flight resources. Built-in, in-flight entertainment means free fun for your kiddo and a lighter carry-on for you! Several major airlines offer kid-friendly programming from well-known networks. Special snacks may also be available, such as an unlimited snack basket or even special pre-ordered picnic. For boarding, make note of any family seating policies or priority boarding options for families. 

  2. Play Time Between Air Time. Several airports have kid amenities down to a science. From themed play areas to LEGO tables, many airports have incorporated kid-friendly spaces that are sure to occupy time and get out some of those pre- or post-travel wiggles.

  3. Potty Break Hero. Whether you’re taking that final potty break before boarding or running to the restroom in-between flights, see if there is a Step ‘n Wash available to lend a hand while you and your littles clean up. The last thing you need before jumping on a plane is a child wet and frustrated from trying to lift them, guard your luggage, and wash their hands all at one time. Let Step ‘n Wash do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on the important step of thoroughly washing you and your little one’s hands.

If there is another hack you think we should include, please reach out to let us know so we can share these resources with our community.

Thank you and all of us here at Step ‘n Wash wish you happy and safe travels this holiday season!

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