Our Story

One morning, after a children’s story time at a local bookstore, I took my three year old son to the restroom. When I lifted him up, I didn’t realize that I was leaning against him and pressing his stomach against the wet, sharp counter edge. He immediately started to cry and as I comforted him I thought to myself, “there has to be a better way!”

Businesses provide many family-friendly amenities, such a diaper changing tables, but nothing had ever been developed to help toddlers and small children reach the sink to wash their hands. There were so many different kinds of step stools available for children to use at home, yet nothing safe had been designed for public restrooms.

After talking with other parents, I soon realized that we shared the same frustration and knew I needed to create a solution. I hired a leading engineering firm here in Atlanta to work on my idea and after numerous designs, prototypes and rigorous product testing, Step ‘n Wash was born.

Today, Step ‘n Wash can be found in thousands of businesses all over the United States and Canada. I’m so humbled by the emails I receive from parents and grandparents thanking me for creating Step ‘n Wash. It gives me great satisfaction knowing I’ve invented something that makes a difference in peoples’ lives. Thank you to everyone for all of your support!


Joi Sumpton
Inventor of Step 'n Wash

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