Every parent, grandparent, child and little person will tell you how much safer and easier the task of hand washing is thanks to Step 'n Wash.


  • Address parents concerns about the spread of germs and viruses
  • Increase safety by keeping your restroom counters and floor dry
  • Cost effective way to deliver a truly outstanding customer experience by eliminating the struggle of having to lift a 30 or 40 pound child up to reach the lavatory
  • Self-retracting: after each use the step automatically retracts back up and underneath the counter, completely out of the way for adult patrons
  • Enables any existing lavatory to be accessible by both children and adults
  • Reduce cleaning time by minimizing the amount of water being splashed on counters and floors
  • Utilized more often than a diaper changing table at ½ the cost


  • Bolts directly to the restroom floor using the provided hardware
  • Designed with no pinch-points
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Tested to support over 800 lbs
  • Approved by risk management from Fortune 500 companies
  • 5 year warranty


Step ‘n Wash Sales Sheet (PDF)

Step 'n Wash Sales Sheet (PDF - Spanish)